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Walking Tours of Toowoomba

An excellent way to become acquainted with the city.

a guided tour

Join a guided tour with Bob and Sue and learn all about the history, architecture which is largely Victorian Era and our beautiful neighbourhoods, parks and gardens.

On our walk you will see the beautiful Toowoomba Railway Station brought back to its former glory and built from local sandstone.

Stroll along Russell Street and look up at the façade’s depicting the architecture of days gone by. As we meander through the city you will told about Toowoomba’s local identities and stories of how people lived.

Walking through the neighbourhood streets your guides will show you the different style of homes and the era that they were popular.

Each and every home has a story.

Gardens & Parks

The tree lined streets are iconic to Toowoomba and be surprised just how old they are and why they were planted.

Discover the beautiful Botanical Gardens and marvel at the serenity of our beloved Queens Park.

Walking along the parks perimeter you can see wonderful examples of Art Deco houses and you will be told stories of the people who lived there.

Pointing out the old Goal and Women’s Laundry.

Passing by our Mothers Memorial which was one of the few memorials commissioned by women.


Your guides will take you through the daily life of Toowoomba’s forefathers and how Toowoomba became the city it is today.

Toowoomba has beautiful buildings and churches and you will be shown Toowoomba’s Post Office with its famous Clock Tower, Court house which is now privately owned and the iconic Empire Theatre famous for its state of the art technology.


The Toowoomba region is home to two main Aboriginal Language groups and from these languages Toowoomba got its name.

Find out when Toowoomba was settled , when it became a city and how the railway was a very important part of our city life.    Toowoomba nicknamed  “The Garden City” has a flower festival every September and people visit from near and far. 

Your guides will point out many other places of interest and offer suggestions for other sightseeing activities.

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